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This project is a collaborative project with Isabelle Fleurelien

Boat stories is our latest project in which we wanted to further our collaborative approach and reached out to others for stories that in some way related to travels and life on the water. This resulted in the creation of five books nestled in the ceramic vessel that resembles a barnacle. The humpback barnacle attaches itself to the body of a humpback whale and through this symbiotic relationship spends its life travelling the ocean. This natural collaboration between whale and crustacean inspired our desire to work with others and seek out their stories.

Some of these stories include:
A young boys’ journey across the Atlantic escaping the Kovno ghetto during the Nazi occupation in Lithuania.
A Filipino seaman who travels the world 7-8 months a year aboard a cargo ship.
A woman’s’ poetic recollection of kayaking on the ocean in Nova Scotia.
A longshoreman in New Brunswick who over his lifetime protests the shipping of certain cargoes overseas.

Porcelain and raku
4”H x 5” W to 13”H x 14”W
Boat stories-
Installation view
Ceramic and books on japanese paper
books are 3.75" x 42.25"
books from Boat stories
Two sided front and partial back view
back view
Inkjet and screen print on japanese paper
books are 3.75" x 42.25"